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Garden Information June 17, 2017 10 to 4

The Art in the Garden event features West Newbury gardens, artists and musicians. The tour includes seven private beautiful and inspired gardens each with an art connection. You will be delighted on your garden visits to see art studios, artists painting, musicians playing and art displayed throughout. Each garden reflects the owner’s individual passions and interests which offers something for everyone.

#1 Peony Heaven
Peonies mixed with day lilies, foxglove, clematis; and other perennials lead visitors from the street to the gardens. The collection of American Peony Society Gold Medal Winners has grown to over 300 plants this year, along with David Austin roses and many varieties of hydrangeas. Fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens border one side of the property with hand crafted beehives to support bees pollinating the gardens.
Helena Dion, Pastel paintings
Susan Dougherty, Acrylic paintings
Sue Stasiuk, Pottery

#2 Sculpture & Art Studio
These stylized gardens are green gardens, not only in design of the shrubs, bushes, flowers and trees, but environmentally “green” where little or no watering is required. The owners created gardens with living plant textures blending with “found objects” sculptures throughout the grounds. The dark mulch and evergreens become a backdrop as you walk through this garden.
Sara Demrow-Dent’s studio of paintings
Jake Baynes, Jazz guitarist

#3 Woodsy Outdoor Garden
Shrubs, trees and perennials share a wooded setting with a pool, stone deck and covered shelter. A vegetable garden framed with a picket fence leads to blackberries and blueberries. The side yard has fruit trees, a chicken coop and beehives.
Jocelyne Consentino, Watercolor paintings
Tamara Yameen, Acrylic paintings

#4 Garden & Art Studio
This artist’s garden blends color and texture like brush strokes on a canvas. The garden is a mixture of delights: sun and shade, rock formations and even Guinea fowl to greet you. Peonies, Lady’s Mantle, iris, English bluebells highlight the seasonal color, foliage in this ever changing garden palette.
Willie Hayduk, Watercolor/oil paintings
Margo Pullman’s studio of paintings
Ingrid Sanborn, Pastel, Sumi-E ink
Jonathan Danis, Pianist

#5 Butterflies, Bees & Gardens
The backyard perennial gardens surrounding the Japanese Maple tree are filled with coneflowers, lilies and other perennials, interspersed with hostas, butterfly bushes, and sea grasses. The koi pond with sounds of falling water adds tranquility to the gardens. Paths allow you to walk among the gardens, painted rocks, bird baths and vegetable beds.
Heather Karp, Oil paintings

#6 Williamsburg Style Garden & Art Studio
The Williamsburg Garden beside the house has brick paths and an obelisk in the center. It is planted informally with day lilies and a succulent garden. The path to the studio has a cedar tree with wisteria where Amy designs fabric and quilting patterns. The circular driveway has a kitchen garden and the barn side garden is planted with sunflowers and other annuals.
Amy Friend, Quilts
Rebecca O'Brien, Violinist

#7 “Daffodil House” & Pottery Studio
Daffodil House is a spectacular array of the bright yellow blooms in early spring. The gardens have grown over the years to include phlox, peonies, and other perennials to entice butterflies and bees. The new plantings bring color throughout the summer and fall enhancing the studio building where pottery is created alongside the gardens.
Sharyn Dahn, Pressed flower art
Barbara Haack’s studio, Barberry Pottery
Tricia Mansfield, Oil painting and folk art

Art in the Garden is sponsored by the West Newbury Garden Club and the West Newbury Cultural Council. Proceeds from the event support the West Newbury Garden Club’s scholarship fund for Pentucket students and the West Newbury Cultural Councils grants for local visual and performing programs.