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Sara Demrow Dent June 17, 2017 10 to 4

Sara Demrow Dent has been writing and painting for almost twenty years. She is currently represented by The Walsingham Gallery of Newburyport, MA and works out of her studio in West Newbury. Sara has shown her work in New York, California and Massachusetts and is included in collections internationally. She is a multi award winning featured artist at the Newburyport Art Association, where she is currently a board member. She has earned the honor of being one of the few artists to have ever won multiple Best of Show's at the NAA.

Sara received her BA from Syracuse University in Filmmaking and Fine Arts and completed her Masters Degree in Art History /The Modern Art Market and Quality Studies at Christie's Education, New York and London. She is also a Graduate Gemologist in Diamonds and Colored Stones.

Sara describes her work as follows: "My work strives to wed wild nature with a more architectural line. I utilize many layers of paint to create different levels of texture and color saturation and include my own poetry that has evolved from my observations of natural beauty, color stories, and life. Recently, I have been exploring the architecture of seascapes and horizon lines along with the linear planes of flora. Many of my pieces include realistically painted icons within their abstracted environments. I like the push pull this creates between what we see as "real" and what we experience as "real"."

"I began including birds within my work after the death of my Mother in 2005. I originally saw them as representations of her: fragile yet beautiful and free while conquering their environments with grace. They have evolved to become iny alter ego as well as symbols of family members."

"I usually write a series of poetry first, that inform the creation of each painting. Many times the words are placed within the canvas (often not noticed at first viewing) and are not meant to be read but to impart the emotions of the writing within the work. I have always experimented with the marriage of words and paint and I like the unexpected texture the physical script adds. The full poetry is written on the back of the piece and is unique to that painting."

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